Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking the YOU out of YOUtube.

DEFINITELY not too stoked on Googles attempts to destroy youtube entirely. Its pathetic how they keep trying to get people to join google plus and compete with other social networks such as instagram or facebook. Youtube is a huge community. Almost every person has a youtube account whether it be to watch videos, play music or even be creative and make a few videos. But the way their choking the public community is horrible. The way google is setting things is in favor for the bigger corporations such as vevo or other music related channels. I haven't seen anyone famous come out of youtube for a long time anymore because they're slowly killing them off thanks to google. I believe the last guy to get out of there was Fred and he was NOT funny. Not on youtube and not on his movies lol. Some are still climbing and weathering the storm such as epicmealtime. But with this who knows how long because not many people have google plus accounts. Anyway this is starting to become a google rant. Let me close that with this one statement. "FUCK GOOGLE PLUS". Back to more important matters. I could give a rats ass if i remain youtube famous honestly. I love skateboarding and like to share it with the world regardless of views, comments, or whatever. This is another fine example. Me and chris decided to get a little bit of skate in on my day off. As everyone knows we can really skate as much because of daylight savings time and Im always getting off right when the sun sets so the struggle to skate is real. We managed to get these couple tricks in. Check it out. all the footage is filmed by mr christopher. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Hanger, its been a while.

Its been a long while since I've revisited this place with friends. Its very typical on how this place happens to change almost every time you see it unless you're a local of course. This place is in Sacramento about an hour away from where I live which is in Lathrop. Chris, Jun and I managed to make a trip over there. Unfortunately Devante (a new face in lathrop) and Joey couldn't make it through since they both were helping people out that day. This was a last minute trip to do some no effort lines in an attempt to make a montage in a couple of hours. Jun did most of the filming that day and we were definitely too busy having fun to even film everything in the park because we were all divided into different sections skating to our liking. The park was literally ours the whole day until the lowcard dudes came out. They're really chill folks though and we were skating alot of tranny with them. Unbelievably good also. I couldn't help but envy over the style and variety of transition tricks they had. Such power in their skateboarding. I'm not the greatest transition skateboarder but I have some tricks. I do want to progress a little bit more on that aspect of skateboarding since most of my skateboarding has always revolved around street spots. When I was younger we had NO skate parks or had any older friends that could take us to nice skate parks out of town. We had to make due with what we had. Whether that be a curb, a box, or a do it yourself kicker ramp. We did the best we can with the worst we had. But I figure, this would be alot better for my body since Im trying to be more careful not to get hurt so I can still perform on the job, provide for my family and still do what I love to do. Anyway, here is our little video. I hope you enjoy.

This old man can still do some tricks

I usually joke about be being old but there are definitely some truths behind them. Since the success of 'Beautiful Chaos' I have laid back my skateboarding completely. Do not disregard me passion for it since it has not left me entirely, but in these recent days I have had to do some readjusting soul searching with my board as well as some people I hang out with. It was necessary if I wanted to keep skating without others killing my vibe for skating. But I have found a good medium where I can truly enjoy this craft without labels, without the youtube fame, and without egos.
This video was taken directly after my 9 hour shift at work. If you too are a full time working individual you'll know the terminology for "work legs". If by chance you dont know let me enlighten you. You know how tired you get after a long day of work/standing and immediately you go out to do an activity but your legs feel stiff or like rubber? Well those are "work legs". Takes some stretching and warming up to deal with. But after some of that here were some creative tricks I manged to pull out of my hat.


"Its poetry in motion, and its chaos. Thus, Beautiful Chaos"
I haven't updated this page in a long while so I think I should get back on the grind with this thing. Well past due definitely. This was the new video that I mentioned months ago that we were working on. The thing that differs this from Mudville is the artistic quality and the feel of which the skater or even a universal audience can relate to. The goal was to reach not just the skateboarders indefinitely but everyone else to help understand not just the stereotype but how skateboarders are in actuality. There are a variety of different personalities most of them humble of whom if one gets kicked out of a spot, they would abide by it and just go on to the next one or come back when its closed rather than starting a confrontation with a person doing their job just to get it on camera or for kicks. I wanted the average joe to get a good understanding of how a skateboarder truly feels on that piece of wood with wheels. One can relate if they feel passionate about anything in life. Whether it be basketball, painting, collecting, car enthusiast,  football, baseball, whatever it may be; I wanted then to understand that that passion is what drives us skateboarders to do what we do. To get up after a gnarly slam, dust yourself off and literally try again. Its a stress reliever, a way of life, an art form, a sport, it embodies many different definitions to whichever personality harbors it. But in the end, to us it all leads to one solid word. SKATEBOARDING. Please enjoy this film and please pass it down from generation to generation so that way they know skateboarding isnt about who's the best, or who can do what.... its about having FUN! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

News about the new skate park in Lathrop.

As you probably already know I've been attending these Lathrop city council meetings for quite some time already and they have ceased as of recently due to the fact that the plans have already been turned in. Everywhere I go I always get this question, "So when is the park going to be finished?". I actually got that today by some retarded little scooter fag.....But we all know we dont want those over there.. ESPECIALLY BIKES. Anyway, I finally got to speak with Gabe today. We had little chit chat about our families and how I've been doing with my new found family. After that we went straight to business. So bid is already in the air for contractors. Even better news is that they added a few hundred square feet to the skate park thanks to some strategic financing. Great job Gabe! A bigger park is always a better park especially for the little scoot rats that happen to slip through the cracks throwing their aluminum pieces of shit in the air. The bid should stay afloat for about 60 days. Thats about 2 months kids. We should be breaking ground in the beginning to mid Spring of this year. Project wont be completed until 2014ish. I know its a new park and everyone wants to skate it but PLEASE! DONT SKATE IT WHILE ITS STILL BEING BUILT!! Cement takes a while to dry and I'm not looking forward to having to skate ledge with a chunk missing out of it because some biker fag thought it was a good idea to hit it up prematurely. It's OUR skate park so lets treat it with some care? yeah? We designed it... well.. for the people who actually attended the meetings, so we should take care of it. Even if you didn't part take in the actual meets its still your park. Its going to be the sickest park around here so lets keep it sick and not fucked up. Gabe also hinted to me about managing the park since its going to be packed. Lets be realistic here. You and I know that that park is going to generate so many new faces around for the first few months. It's probably going to keep generating new faces within that year once word spreads and it actually turns out to be good! So having an actual skater manage the park is a good thing. Of course this is volunteer work but I have a feeling I'll be skating the park alot more since work will most definitely be kicking my ass until the later hours. Thats cool with me if im not paid for it as long as i get to skate it when no ones around ;D. On top of that I can kick out the faggy scooter kids out right? Most likely that cant happen since the park is designed to be a multi-use park. Anyway I figured Id write this newly found information here rather than explaining to people one by one each time the question arises. So remember, its our park! Lets take care of that shit and FUCK scooters!...and bikes ;D

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Talks of a new video?

So if you haven't already figured out. We're working on another video. Not sure what to call it yet nor whether or not I'm going to make a trailer for it, but one thing is for sure this is going to be THE last part I'll come out with. Skateboarding is slowing down dramatically for me although my love for it has never been so strong for it. I hardly have time for it with all that is going on right now. But its as they say, "Absence makes the heart  grow fonder". I wont quit of course but I can definitely feel my body slow down. Doesn't feel like it used to about 5 years ago. I guess you can say age is taking its toll. It sucks getting old. I guess you can say that this video is more about the essence of fun and the "passing of the torch" for the younger rippers. I feel my skateboarding going a different way though as depicted on the picture below. 
 Definitely thinking a little more different. Emilio and Chris will be featuring in this video. They're killing it as usual too. I'm not quite sure of how I'm going to lay this one out. I have plenty of ideas on how to do it. But I definitely don't want it to be your typical skate video layout . I had an idea that struck me a few months ago. I cant quite say what it exactly is due to the fact that I dont want people trying to copy it, but I can say for sure that no one has definitely done it yet here in this city or in Stockton. I definitely want to be the first. This is a pretty big project like Mudville although, Mudville was pretty stressful to make. This one will have more of an art to it. It also has a moral and a message that I hope people will get. For sure the skaters will get it, but I want a universal feel to it. I want it so that way anyone who views it gets the message. Also Im relying on Chris Consul to be my co director. Its difficult doing this stuff alone and for free. I should charge for this shit. But its a passion and a fun hobby. If I didn't have any of this I seriously think that I'd cave into the pressures of life and get locked up in the pit of my mind insane. I'm going to put alot of work on this one and will cut off the whole "part 1, part 2" stuff.  It'll be one whole video. Im just worried about how youtube will take it ...
Usually youtube will limit videos to about 5-10 mins. Since I'm partnered I believe I have 15-20 mins. Hopefully its 20 because I'm aiming for that. If I have to utilize "Parts" then I'll limit it to just 2 and put the whole video on Vimeo. I also have the obstacle of WMG copyrights on youtube. If at least ONE of the songs (and there are alot of songs that are going to be used for this video) gets blocked out then the whole video is ruined. At least Vimeo doesn't have those bogus rules. The only down side to the whole Vimeo thing is that majority of my views come from youtube since I have alot of subscribers and have that Partner revenue. We'll now I'm getting way too ahead of myself. These are just a few adversities that I have to overcome as a skater who happens to film and direct. Hopefully, this thing works out right and we finally get a title and set date for release. My brain is storming several different ideas, I just hope they fall together in place right. 

-Ivyn Taasin

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013 and say bye bye to yesteryear

Its been a great 2012. Aside from the supposed "End of the World" and its multiple versions of our doom, my life has drastically changed this year. Im sure thats the usual answer because no one ever truly stays the same. But I can say with the utmost confidence that I have changed. I made the transition from a man to a father this year, met new people this year, skated some new spots, got a great job, started a new video project, got my camera, and have just been progressing through this thing called life. But lets face it. Life would be boring without friends, and Im glad that I have a whole bunch of them to skate with. These montages are for the homies. I dont get paid for these edits and they are pretty time consuming, but I do them for the homies. Heres to 2012! Have a great 2013!