Monday, October 28, 2013

This old man can still do some tricks

I usually joke about be being old but there are definitely some truths behind them. Since the success of 'Beautiful Chaos' I have laid back my skateboarding completely. Do not disregard me passion for it since it has not left me entirely, but in these recent days I have had to do some readjusting soul searching with my board as well as some people I hang out with. It was necessary if I wanted to keep skating without others killing my vibe for skating. But I have found a good medium where I can truly enjoy this craft without labels, without the youtube fame, and without egos.
This video was taken directly after my 9 hour shift at work. If you too are a full time working individual you'll know the terminology for "work legs". If by chance you dont know let me enlighten you. You know how tired you get after a long day of work/standing and immediately you go out to do an activity but your legs feel stiff or like rubber? Well those are "work legs". Takes some stretching and warming up to deal with. But after some of that here were some creative tricks I manged to pull out of my hat.

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