Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking the YOU out of YOUtube.

DEFINITELY not too stoked on Googles attempts to destroy youtube entirely. Its pathetic how they keep trying to get people to join google plus and compete with other social networks such as instagram or facebook. Youtube is a huge community. Almost every person has a youtube account whether it be to watch videos, play music or even be creative and make a few videos. But the way their choking the public community is horrible. The way google is setting things is in favor for the bigger corporations such as vevo or other music related channels. I haven't seen anyone famous come out of youtube for a long time anymore because they're slowly killing them off thanks to google. I believe the last guy to get out of there was Fred and he was NOT funny. Not on youtube and not on his movies lol. Some are still climbing and weathering the storm such as epicmealtime. But with this who knows how long because not many people have google plus accounts. Anyway this is starting to become a google rant. Let me close that with this one statement. "FUCK GOOGLE PLUS". Back to more important matters. I could give a rats ass if i remain youtube famous honestly. I love skateboarding and like to share it with the world regardless of views, comments, or whatever. This is another fine example. Me and chris decided to get a little bit of skate in on my day off. As everyone knows we can really skate as much because of daylight savings time and Im always getting off right when the sun sets so the struggle to skate is real. We managed to get these couple tricks in. Check it out. all the footage is filmed by mr christopher. 

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