Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Hanger, its been a while.

Its been a long while since I've revisited this place with friends. Its very typical on how this place happens to change almost every time you see it unless you're a local of course. This place is in Sacramento about an hour away from where I live which is in Lathrop. Chris, Jun and I managed to make a trip over there. Unfortunately Devante (a new face in lathrop) and Joey couldn't make it through since they both were helping people out that day. This was a last minute trip to do some no effort lines in an attempt to make a montage in a couple of hours. Jun did most of the filming that day and we were definitely too busy having fun to even film everything in the park because we were all divided into different sections skating to our liking. The park was literally ours the whole day until the lowcard dudes came out. They're really chill folks though and we were skating alot of tranny with them. Unbelievably good also. I couldn't help but envy over the style and variety of transition tricks they had. Such power in their skateboarding. I'm not the greatest transition skateboarder but I have some tricks. I do want to progress a little bit more on that aspect of skateboarding since most of my skateboarding has always revolved around street spots. When I was younger we had NO skate parks or had any older friends that could take us to nice skate parks out of town. We had to make due with what we had. Whether that be a curb, a box, or a do it yourself kicker ramp. We did the best we can with the worst we had. But I figure, this would be alot better for my body since Im trying to be more careful not to get hurt so I can still perform on the job, provide for my family and still do what I love to do. Anyway, here is our little video. I hope you enjoy.

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