Thursday, January 3, 2013

News about the new skate park in Lathrop.

As you probably already know I've been attending these Lathrop city council meetings for quite some time already and they have ceased as of recently due to the fact that the plans have already been turned in. Everywhere I go I always get this question, "So when is the park going to be finished?". I actually got that today by some retarded little scooter fag.....But we all know we dont want those over there.. ESPECIALLY BIKES. Anyway, I finally got to speak with Gabe today. We had little chit chat about our families and how I've been doing with my new found family. After that we went straight to business. So bid is already in the air for contractors. Even better news is that they added a few hundred square feet to the skate park thanks to some strategic financing. Great job Gabe! A bigger park is always a better park especially for the little scoot rats that happen to slip through the cracks throwing their aluminum pieces of shit in the air. The bid should stay afloat for about 60 days. Thats about 2 months kids. We should be breaking ground in the beginning to mid Spring of this year. Project wont be completed until 2014ish. I know its a new park and everyone wants to skate it but PLEASE! DONT SKATE IT WHILE ITS STILL BEING BUILT!! Cement takes a while to dry and I'm not looking forward to having to skate ledge with a chunk missing out of it because some biker fag thought it was a good idea to hit it up prematurely. It's OUR skate park so lets treat it with some care? yeah? We designed it... well.. for the people who actually attended the meetings, so we should take care of it. Even if you didn't part take in the actual meets its still your park. Its going to be the sickest park around here so lets keep it sick and not fucked up. Gabe also hinted to me about managing the park since its going to be packed. Lets be realistic here. You and I know that that park is going to generate so many new faces around for the first few months. It's probably going to keep generating new faces within that year once word spreads and it actually turns out to be good! So having an actual skater manage the park is a good thing. Of course this is volunteer work but I have a feeling I'll be skating the park alot more since work will most definitely be kicking my ass until the later hours. Thats cool with me if im not paid for it as long as i get to skate it when no ones around ;D. On top of that I can kick out the faggy scooter kids out right? Most likely that cant happen since the park is designed to be a multi-use park. Anyway I figured Id write this newly found information here rather than explaining to people one by one each time the question arises. So remember, its our park! Lets take care of that shit and FUCK scooters!...and bikes ;D

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  1. Skaters do the exact same bullshit faggit. Its not just pegs that chunk ledges its you shitty skaters that dont know how to skate that fuck them up.