Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Talks of a new video?

So if you haven't already figured out. We're working on another video. Not sure what to call it yet nor whether or not I'm going to make a trailer for it, but one thing is for sure this is going to be THE last part I'll come out with. Skateboarding is slowing down dramatically for me although my love for it has never been so strong for it. I hardly have time for it with all that is going on right now. But its as they say, "Absence makes the heart  grow fonder". I wont quit of course but I can definitely feel my body slow down. Doesn't feel like it used to about 5 years ago. I guess you can say age is taking its toll. It sucks getting old. I guess you can say that this video is more about the essence of fun and the "passing of the torch" for the younger rippers. I feel my skateboarding going a different way though as depicted on the picture below. 
 Definitely thinking a little more different. Emilio and Chris will be featuring in this video. They're killing it as usual too. I'm not quite sure of how I'm going to lay this one out. I have plenty of ideas on how to do it. But I definitely don't want it to be your typical skate video layout . I had an idea that struck me a few months ago. I cant quite say what it exactly is due to the fact that I dont want people trying to copy it, but I can say for sure that no one has definitely done it yet here in this city or in Stockton. I definitely want to be the first. This is a pretty big project like Mudville although, Mudville was pretty stressful to make. This one will have more of an art to it. It also has a moral and a message that I hope people will get. For sure the skaters will get it, but I want a universal feel to it. I want it so that way anyone who views it gets the message. Also Im relying on Chris Consul to be my co director. Its difficult doing this stuff alone and for free. I should charge for this shit. But its a passion and a fun hobby. If I didn't have any of this I seriously think that I'd cave into the pressures of life and get locked up in the pit of my mind insane. I'm going to put alot of work on this one and will cut off the whole "part 1, part 2" stuff.  It'll be one whole video. Im just worried about how youtube will take it ...
Usually youtube will limit videos to about 5-10 mins. Since I'm partnered I believe I have 15-20 mins. Hopefully its 20 because I'm aiming for that. If I have to utilize "Parts" then I'll limit it to just 2 and put the whole video on Vimeo. I also have the obstacle of WMG copyrights on youtube. If at least ONE of the songs (and there are alot of songs that are going to be used for this video) gets blocked out then the whole video is ruined. At least Vimeo doesn't have those bogus rules. The only down side to the whole Vimeo thing is that majority of my views come from youtube since I have alot of subscribers and have that Partner revenue. We'll now I'm getting way too ahead of myself. These are just a few adversities that I have to overcome as a skater who happens to film and direct. Hopefully, this thing works out right and we finally get a title and set date for release. My brain is storming several different ideas, I just hope they fall together in place right. 

-Ivyn Taasin

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