Monday, October 28, 2013


"Its poetry in motion, and its chaos. Thus, Beautiful Chaos"
I haven't updated this page in a long while so I think I should get back on the grind with this thing. Well past due definitely. This was the new video that I mentioned months ago that we were working on. The thing that differs this from Mudville is the artistic quality and the feel of which the skater or even a universal audience can relate to. The goal was to reach not just the skateboarders indefinitely but everyone else to help understand not just the stereotype but how skateboarders are in actuality. There are a variety of different personalities most of them humble of whom if one gets kicked out of a spot, they would abide by it and just go on to the next one or come back when its closed rather than starting a confrontation with a person doing their job just to get it on camera or for kicks. I wanted the average joe to get a good understanding of how a skateboarder truly feels on that piece of wood with wheels. One can relate if they feel passionate about anything in life. Whether it be basketball, painting, collecting, car enthusiast,  football, baseball, whatever it may be; I wanted then to understand that that passion is what drives us skateboarders to do what we do. To get up after a gnarly slam, dust yourself off and literally try again. Its a stress reliever, a way of life, an art form, a sport, it embodies many different definitions to whichever personality harbors it. But in the end, to us it all leads to one solid word. SKATEBOARDING. Please enjoy this film and please pass it down from generation to generation so that way they know skateboarding isnt about who's the best, or who can do what.... its about having FUN! 

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