Monday, July 2, 2012

 Lately I've been having sessions in the morning since I have to babysit my son. Its hot as fuck in the morning/noon especially since the sun is directly above us with NO shade to spare. But aye, Im thankful these dudes wanted to come out and skate. Skateboarding by yourself is alright, but not too fun. Anyway its been a while since I got to skate with MistahSB. Im glad he came out to join the festivities and get gnarly. For someone who hasnt skated in 6 months dude still has it in him no prob. He may not think it, but it definitely looks like hes been skating still. Anyway here are a few out of the many pictures I took. Chris Consul took some too if Im in the picture.

 90 Degree weather. Joey Aint feelin it haha
 Joey Castrejon
 Fakie sw 5-0
 Nate getting cool

To manuel

 Fakie sw smith
 Front shuv and nollie back shuv
Sid Mascardo tailslide 270 shuv

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