Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Skate park meeting update!

So I admit I'm hella lost on days especially when they all feel the same. Wake up in the morning, tend to baby, work, skate, eat, sleep repeat. I forgot that today was the actual skate park meeting. My dumbass thought it was tomorrow on the 27th. Anyways here are some pictures of the meet today. The fat bitch was there as usual. There was alot of city officials including state officials that were looking on to see whats going on with the city and what were the plans for the new community center. Among the officials and council members were the people who were holding presentations for parts of the community center such as the skate park, parkour park, library, etc. Everything except the skate park didnt interest me so I didnt stick around for those presentations. Zach pulled off a very interesting presentation and we even had what he called "work shop" where we molded what we wanted to see in clay, and he was able to incorporate that into something skatable. If you attended any of the meetings before he had mentioned this being one of his techniques in building the parks. He also had some rendered models of future skate parks coming to the bay area. After the presentation me and Zach had a little one on one discussing detail of the park. I got his card so that way I can call him to discuss different topics or email him different things that I think might be a great addition to the park. Thanks to some of the ungrateful folks or should I say, lazy fucks. You guys know you who you are LOL. There were alot of longboarders in there making stupid obstacles with clay and I quote one of them "I dont skate, but I feel like I have a need to make something". That something was a LOOP RAMP. THIS SHIT ISNT TONY HAWK PRO SKATER!? Yeah first thing I want to do while I warm up is hit a loop! Oh yeah another one goes "Lets just add a bunch of hills! There isn't any hills here in lathrop so we can like...... slide". HOLY FUCK! Only one of them mentioned a snake run which I dont mind because those are hella fun, but COME ON! Tony Hawk broke his back on that loop shit haha! Anyway, there are going to be two more meetings. Gabe is pretty pissed off about our recent short comings. So he wants to address that. The other will be with zach with his final render. After that final render we wont see him at all and construction WILL take place. So that will most likely be your absolute LAST CHANCE to get any kind of word or opinion in. After that, you cant bitch or moan about shit you dont like because your dumbass could have prevented it. Welp, here are the pictures :D

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