Thursday, July 12, 2012


It was a great ride while it lasted. If you've been following up with these posts then you know it was a very hard and stressful journey. But nevertheless, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. So much fun, great trips, and bonding with friends. The video ended up turning out GREAT! So much great feedback from facebook, instagram, twitter, and especially youtube! This by far is my Mona Lisa I give out to Stockton and Lathrop. South side Stockton in particular because thats where it all began. There are some msgs within the videos. If you want to know them you'd have to ask me ;D. Mine is pretty obvious. This will most likely be my last full lenth video I ever make and probably the last serious video part I ever make. Hours of editing and unpaid work but the fruits of my labor is worth it to inspire so many people with out skating. Remember that skateboarding isn't about getting sponsored or any other hype shit. Its about having fun with friends and just enjoying the ride while you can. You might meet some dicks along the road but you  can tell them to go lick your ass while they spit that shit haha.

-Ivyn Taasin

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to all the companies that help make this happen, all the skaters, my homies. Rob did a good job in pickin up the part, chris did a great job in filming, everything turned out great. swag

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