Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's been a long while and finally mudville is almost finished. Had alot of trials and tribulations with people getting hurt (that includes myself), scheduling, gas, and people either quit skating or just dropped out. But still footage is being stacked and majority of part are pretty much done! This is the last trailer for Mudville. I want this video to be perfect because it's my masterpiece. Something I worked very hard for and put it out there not just for local eyes but for eyes internationally. This is also going to be the last time I put a part out. My finally goodbye to serious skateboarding. After this video drops I won't be skating as much or as hard. Maybe filming alot more. The reason why is because work l, and family. Its hard to juggle all that. But who knows. Anyway! This will definitely go down in south side Stockton street history and hopefully inspire younger generations to go out there and just have fun!!

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