Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mudville Claims another limb

Recruited two more people to fill in some drop outs. Rob had enough footage to basically make a part already. His clips pretty much dominated the friends section of the video. So after John dropped out due to his ankle being still injured I asked if he can fill in. Rob, Nico, and Aaron met me up here at lathrop so we can film some stuff. As hammers went down we hit the last spot of the day and Rob ended up seriously injuring his knee. Almost hyper-extending it and almost breaking it. So first time we get serious of filming a part for him and trying to stack up more footage and perhaps some extra footage if the song is too long, he gets injured. Buts all apart of the game right? The second person on board wont be mentioned because im keeping it a surprise :D. although, people might already get hints or word might be around, the reality is that no one really knows who he is. I see alot of potential in this kid as well as another. Once I get my shop going, I already know who the first 2 picks of my team out of 4 will be. Anyway, stay tuned for mudville

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