Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So for those who we're able to make it to this event. If you've been coming to these meetings you'll automatically know that this is a different room. We had to move to a different room because the turn out was real big!! Lots of different people from Manteca and Lathrop came out to support this park. From skaters to bikers. I was bummed that I didn't see any Stockton folks but Im sure with this turn out the message was clear. "WE WANT A SICK ASS PARK!!". The man standing on the right is Zach Wormhoudt. He's a professional designer, Skateboarder and Surfer. Hes designed parks like Lake Cunningham, Santa Cruz and even showed us the up and coming Fremont park that is just being built right now (NOTE. THAT PARK IS GOING TO BE FUCKING RAW ALSO!). I really liked his presentation. We talked about different methods on how to get what we want in the park via drawing, magazine pictures, web pictures, or even molding a unique item from clay. Then he'd incorporate that into flow, make it skateable and make it ridable for everyone. That includes skaters, bmx, scooters and all that. He was going really in dept with the little details that we addressed at the previous skate park tours about incline, invert, copping and how that could effect a certain rider such as faggot scooter kids :D. He said "We assure you that we'll build a park thats muiti use and you wouldn't even know the difference. You'll probably be skating something a BMX rider designed and wont know it".  Funniest question to me was boogers when he asks "Are we going to ban scooter kids out?". So yeah, hes coming  back and this time we're going to actually make designs and what not. these next few meetings like i keep saying are IMPORTANT. Especially know that the actual project is taking place! I Also addressed that if we can get sponsors or people who can donate certain things like benches, cement, trees, grass, fencing, all that, can we expand the park to further utilize the money. Marygrace replied yes we could. because we're looking at a 10.000 sq ft limit here... due to budget. if you ask me thats not big enough. me and abe are here for YOU and trying to push this mother fucker farther it can possibly go! If you know anyone or have any ideas who would want to donate please let me or Abe know. We already have ideas like Granite and Rotary who donated the fencing, cement, and benches to our current park. Lets make this shit the sickest park in the valley! DONT SLEEP! Be there or be GAY

Here is a link to Zachs skate park site. check it out

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