Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Okay, most of you already know that there is a park that is going to be built here in lathrop. For a while it was up in the air because the grant wasn't officially handed to us yet. Alot of skaters thought that this wasn't going to happen and didnt want to waste their time. But reality hit and now its definitely happening! Excuses out the window! The city hit a 5 million dollar grant for the teen center and skate park. Initially the plan is to have a teen center, library, parkour park and skate park all in one complex. This includes parking and all the other amenities you would look for in a park. This should provide GREAT outdoor events which would bring in vendors from all around. Numbers were already thrown thanks to Marygrace (aka the hardass) of the City Council members. Shes the bitch we want to break. She has set a designer named Zach W. from Caliskatz that has done alot of different parks in California. But if you have done the research, some of his stuff does look a bit sketch. Im not saying ALL of it is but some of it. It would be in OUR best interests of we can try to convince if not her, but the other city council members if we can have more options on who to bring in as a designer. On top of that, our budget is about 400k and 10,000 sq ft no possibility for add ons.. But the teen center gets add ons just in case it gets packed. WE should push them to try to create add ons for our park also! Think of it, If they have add ons for the teen center why cant we have it for the park? If the teen center does good and does generate that much people with the add ons, that would be those people would be in the park and the park would get crowded! The last thing we want is kids sitting everywhere on the obstacles! We need to ask them of companies such as GRANITE (a sponsor for the current skate park who donated cement) can donate to the park thus creating extra money for us to build into the park. We need questions like this in our up coming meeting! This up coming meeting we will be battling with city council members along with meeting a possible designer and bringing in a contractor! We want to have the best possible designer and have the best possible contractor as well. If we have good designer we might get a bad contractor and they will fuck up the design for example. So lets do this! This could be our Granite, our Patterson, our, Epic skate park built here just minutes away! Dont BLOW it by being lazy! We only have one chance at this. Lets do it right and make a fucking gnarly ass shred park

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