Monday, April 16, 2012

A sack full of garly with sand in the hour glass

 Today Dylan got stupid ass gnarly. I've seen him get down but today was just one of those days he was on fire. After landing a bigflip to regular on the halfpipe transition, he decided "Hey, lets do a kickflip off the 8". What started as a kickflip went to a Hardflip, then after that land he went to land a Frontside flip 2nd try and after that a Tre flip. Talk about mini Rowley over here. Dude fucken ripped today! He deserved every high five! Footage was taken by Chris and Abe. Its up to them to post it. BUT THEY SHOULD!!!
(me to the far left, Dustin in the middle and Abe in the far right). We're the older kids in the skate park. Dustin of course being the oldest I believe 29 but time is a trip! Looking back you're doing nose stalls on curbs and 10 years later your doing some crazy tech shit or throwing yourself down some stairs. But we as vet's have seen the game change, seen the bar raised, and witnessed some crazy ass parts! Nowadays I skate for the love. Im sure Abe does the same thing. I still like to learn new tricks here and there, but after Mudville I plan on taking it down a notch especially now that I have a kid. Kids change you, Life changes you. When your a kid, what matters now wont matter in 10 years. Believe me!  But anyway! Abe will be leaving soon to Florida! Hes off to bigger and better things and settling down with his soon to be new wife! Congrats again my dude! Hope to see you again soon and shred!

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