Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A few street sesh pictures of us not skateboarding :D

So as of lately I've been eating alot of hot steamy SHIT! My fiance is getting mad at me for staining my clothes with my own blood.

This tree has nothing to do with skateboarding. Instead of this tree maybe I should've took pictures of the half naked cheerleaders practicing their routines. But nah..

Maybe I lied a little bit about the whole "pictures of us NOT skateboarding". Nate was really trying to get buck on this hubba. This bad boy is a dangerous obstacle.

Its been a while since I saw my boy Nico! Almost been a month. I believe the last time I saw him was at my babyshower for my son. He was throwin some shit down at the courthouse earlier. Unfortunately for I didnt take any pictures of that and we got kicked out by a fat guy.

Chris lurking around as usual. He's officially gained my trust with the camera. His camera skills along with his skateboarding skills have been improving. But he did complicate things earlier when we tried to pick him up at his house haha

Rob came out of the cuts to join us in this session 30 mins before the sun officially set. Its all good though. We ended up hitting a few spots in the dark that was pretty well lit and the camera was still able to film really good too with minimal light! Wait till I get a light for this bad boy then filming under low light conditions will be no sweat.

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