Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A clip before another 3 days of rain

This was taken a while back. I'd like to say a little more than 2 weeks ago. Last week sucked obviously since it pretty much rained through 7+ days. This week it should look a little similar. This rain sucks to say the least. With rain means no skateboarding and no skateboarding means no filming so my youtube videos/pictures will be pretty slow.. But now to the clip. I managed to catch Jun landing one of these. Im not trying to be an asshole by saying every time I see this dude attempt this trick he doesnt land it. Im just real stoked that he landed it and I got to film it. He was coming in already hot and I was distracted by talking to Nate, Nico and Chris who were sitting on the sidelines while i was filming Rob and Jun. With that said please forgive me for the shakiness. Usually my filming isnt shaky. You can tell whos behind the camera haha. But anyway, hope this rain gives out sooner than expected..

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