Thursday, March 29, 2012


Chris really doesnt like this spot. Its still a fairly new spot but alot of shit has gone down on it already. I admit is a bit hard to mess with with the wall being so close but aye its a street spot :D.

Not every spot is perfect. With that being said not every surface is smooth either. Rocks here are like ninja assassins ready to fuck you up with some pretty bad slams if not sudden stoppages. Aaron with my broom at hand tries to prep this place as good as he can. Unfortunately for us this room was bought at the 99 cents store. So its a piece of shit that barely can broom anything.

This was last week in another new spot. hush hush ;D. I've been trying to make the best out of new things just to add more variety in the street sessions. Park is great but theres something about street thats just way more fun. I dont get the time to skate street as often with my son around but when I do i definitely cherish it. But not in this day though. It was windy as fuck before rain had to fuck it up. Board ended up cracking and snapping that very day.

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